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In this age of endless debate over which scriptures contain the correct guidelines for living a righteous life, Divine Contact 2 stands out as a breath of fresh air and intelligence.

Based upon the universal laws, these answers to impossible questions rise above past misperceptions to reveal truth as it was meant to be understood: clear, pure, and wise.

The spriritual medium Losara answers some of the most controversial and poignant questions asked by man.


In Divine Contact 1 she channels the spiritual realm to answer the following questions:

“Is a past-life responsible for the problems I am having with my spouse?”

“Why did my business partner betray me?”

“Can my mother really see me from heaven?”

“Why doesn’t God solve my problems?”


In Divine Contact 2 she delves deeper into the universe’s greater mysteries to answer:

“Is abortion a sin?”

“What causes cancer?”

“Who is right: the creationists or evolutionists?”

“Where is my soul mate?”

“Is there life on other planets?”

“Who was Jesus?”

“What is my purpose?”